Holy shit, this guy designs the most insane clothing I’ve ever seen – and I used to be a part of the 90’s underground rave club kid scene. I’ve seen teens dressed up as trolls to make a statement about fashion. I’ve seen twenty-something men at the club dressed as newborn female infants. I’ve watched Macaulay Culkin do lines of cocaine off of a 18-year old in a latex dress.  But I’ve never quite seen the fashion that Mr. Chambers designs.

His clothes are all black, one shade, one fabric, black thread, black buttons, black slips and black models.  His statement relates to blackness in America and the ability some people have to remove whatever places them at a socio-economic disadvantage.

At several shows lately, he’s had one model walk the runway in a blue police uniform only to take it off at the end of the runway and reveal herself to be entirely naked. This model happened to be the darkest complected human I’ve ever seen.

The comment here, obviously, was that black lives matter because blackness cannot be shed. Whereas the counter-movement, blue lives matter, is stupid because the blue to which one is referring here was a removable choice.

This got us some traction on the Instagram as we had notable BLM organizers and supporters suddenly paying attention.

This Mr. Chambers is obviously black.

So how does this affect his relationship with Mr. Chambers the Caucasian attorney?

It doesn’t seem to.

Oh! I just fucking remembered! After that fashion show, we got an email from Kanye West. We couldn’t have ignored that faster. We could not have ignored that faster.

November 19, 2016

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