I pretty much stay out of Mr. Chamber’s lawyering entirely. I have no interest in whatever kind of law he practices. Words on paper BORE ME. He used to practice personal injury law but even he got bored. And let me tell you, he is the most boring man on the puh-lanet. I don’t think I’ve heard him ever use a monosyllabic word! Ugh check out this guy talking about writing correspondence.

Following his foray in personal injury law, unable to provide himself and Mr. Chambers the lifestyle he believed they deserved, he moved his career into litigation. He handles, in his bougie words, “high dollar, high profile, high stakes cases” for those in positions of power who cannot be bothered to abide by silliness like laws. Basically, he protects rich people from becoming less rich.

I know what you’re thinking – trial lawyers just don’t earn the kind of money I’ve been outlining, but remember when I said that Mr. Chambers the fashion darling earns far more than Mr. Chambers the litigator.  The latter does this as a hobby. This former does this as a livelihood.

I just delight in imagining the kind of response they receive from their conservative Mississippi families. Two men, gay relationship, the attorney earns less than the bonkers fashion designer.

Why bonkers? You ask.

Allow me to explain.

November 21, 2016

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